Stagemobil 3XL

The MegaTool

With an allowed total weight of 15 ton, the Stagemobil 3XL semi-trailer is definitely a MegaTool in the Stagemobil family. The 101 square meter stage can be set up by 2 people within an hour and with the usual ease of use. In combination with the optional sidewings, the roof load increases from 4000 kg to 6000 kg.
This visually and technically outstanding overall package, is a MUST HAVE
for every major event!


mobilist   2 Persons
30min    60 minutes
qm    101 m²
3XL    15 t
roof    6000 Kg


LBH    Lenght:    12,90 m
LBH    Width:      2,55 m
LBH    Height:     3,95 m


LBH    Width:          12,5 m
LBH    Depth:          8,10 m
LBH    Height:         8,50 m
LBH    Clearence:   6,50 m

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