FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The current delivery time is approximately 3 months. Please use the contact form to provide accurate information to obtain delivery times and prices.

We as a manufacturer do not rent out. We can make contact with one of our customers. For this please contact us.

A Stagemobil operates completely autonomously. Depending on the model the roof goes up with a hydraulic hand pump or a 12V electric-hydraulic.

Access to all types of Stagemobil we provide a 2 year guarantee.

The standard color is black. For all other colors, feel free to contact us.

The tarpaulin can be printed in different ways. We will gladly advise you about the labeling of your stage and jointly develop a concept.

All our evidence of stability and statics are calculated according to the latest European Standard DIN EN 13814.

For all used materials we have building inspection test certificates that meet all requirements.

To be allowed to pull a a Stagemobil trailer, you need at least the driving license class BE.

Allowed are every Vans or SUV with a relevant trailer weight of the stage trailer.

(S = 1500kg; L = 2700; LR = 2800kg; XL, XXL, XLR, status = 3500kg)