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WHAT ARE THE CURRENT DELIVERY TIMES AND PRICES? The current delivery time is approx. 3 months. Please use the contact form to receive detailed information about delivery times and prices.

WHERE CAN YOU RENT A STAGEMOBILE? As a manufacturer, we do not rent. However, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our customers. Contact us.

DO I NEED A POWER SUPPLY TO SET UP THE STAGE? A Stagemobile works completely self-sufficiently. Depending on the model, the roof raises with a hydraulic hand pump or 12V electro-hydraulics. The exception is the 3XL, where a three-phase connection with 380 volts and 16 amps is required.

HOW MANY YEARS OF WARRANTY DO YOU HAVE ON A STAGEMOBIL? We offer a 2-year guarantee on all Stagemobiles.

IN WHAT COLORS CAN YOU ORDER THE ROOF TARPLES AND SIDE CURNITURES? The default color is black. For all other colors please contact us.

CAN THE TARP BE PRINTED FOR ADVERTISING PURPOSES? The tarpaulin can be printed in different ways. We would be happy to advise you on all aspects of labeling your stage and work together to develop a concept.

ACCORDING TO WHICH STANDARD ARE THE STATICS AND STABILITY PROOF CALCULATED? All of our proof of stability and statics is calculated according to the latest European standard DIN EN 13814.

ARE THERE CERTIFICATES FOR THE MATERIALS USED, SUCH AS TARPLES AND HANGINGS? We have building inspectorate test reports and certificates for all materials used that meet all requirements.

CAN A STAGEMOBILE BE SET UP IN ANY WIND ZONE? All Stagemobil models can be set up in all wind zones. However, in wind zone 4, various precautions must be taken depending on the model.

WHERE CAN YOU HAVE THE CONSTRUCTION BOOK EXTENDED? To extend your building book, please contact your responsible building supervisory authority.

WHICH DRIVING LICENSE IS REQUIRED? In order to be able to pull a team with a Stagemobile, you need a driving license class BE (old class 3). The exception is the Stagemobil 3XL. You need a CE driving license (old class 2).

WHAT KIND OF VEHICLE DO I NEED? Any van, SUV or off-road vehicle with the appropriate trailer load according to the GVW is suitable. of the stage trailer. (S=1500kg; L=2700; LR=2800kg; XL,XXL,XLR, stand=3500kg). The exception is the Stagemobil 3XL, which requires a semi-trailer with a saddle height of 1200 mm and a minimum towing capacity of 15,000 kg.

HOW OFTEN DOES THE TRAILER NEED TO BE TÜV MOT? A Stagemobil, like any other car trailer, has to undergo a general inspection every two years. The exception is the Stagemobil 3XL, the semi-trailer must undergo an SP (safety inspection) every 6 months and an HU (main inspection) every 12 months.

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